What is Honest Packaging?

When most people open a Potato Chips bag there is on average 50% of the bag empty. With all the excess room in the bags your chips can and do break. With a GOAT Eats Bag the chips are hand packed securely in the bag leaving no additional space, so you receive your chips in the best possible conditions. Please view our video on honest packaging in the “About us “section of this Website.

What is the shelf life of your potato chips?

Our handmade chips contain no preservatives, and are kettle cooked, never dehydrated. We do not use any nitrogen or any other chemicals in our packaging process. As a result, our shelf life of an unopened bag, is 8 weeks. Our product is shipped within 24 hours making sure you are receiving the freshest product.

Do you have any other flavors?

Right now we have the Original, Sweet Potato, and Kicker, with plans for a fourth flavor very soon.

Why is there sugar in your product?

If you notice, looking at our ingredient label, we use only 7 ingredients to make our product. We add to our product a very small amount of cane sugar to balance our special seasoning blend. There are seasonings beyond just salt and pepper in our product, and without the sugar, the seasoning could be overpowering.

Why do you sell your seasonings separately?

Our special seasoning mix made each for our Original flavor and Kicker chips are great when used on meat and poultry. These spice combinations were created in our restaurant and have long been a favorite of our customers. In fact our Kicker seasoning is used in the very popular Wild Ophelia Smokehouse BBQ Chocolate bar. There is no end to the use of our spices.

Are GOAT Eats Chips GMO free?

We have all the certifications and have applied for a third party label indicating we are GMO free. Our chips are also Gluten free, Peanut Free, Trans Fat Free and MSG free.

Are your products Kosher?

Yes we are certified by the Vaad Hoeir of St. Louis OV Kosher.