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About our business

As professional chefs and restaurateurs, we realized that the artisanship and quality of our signature G.O.A.T. Eats chip was superior to anything found in the snack food aisle. We intended to change that. In 2009, we started The Chip Company.

Placing high-quality ingredients and hand crafted care at the top of the list, we employ the same techniques used at our restaurant to achieve a product that is not only aesthetically pleasing but what we believe to be the best potato chip in the world.

our process

  • The process begins with our potatoes. We use only certified Idaho® russet potatoes from Sun-Glo of Idaho because of their dense composition and their deep potato flavor.
  • We carefully select and hand feed every potato that is sliced. This extra care results in a slice that is generally longer than wide. This makes it perfect for dipping or presentation.
  • We rinse our potatoes twice to remove any excess starch on the surface of the slices. This prevents the slices from sticking together in the frying process and helps to keep our certified non-GMO canola oil pristine.
  • Each batch is carefully weighed and the water is drained away before being placed in the Fryer.
  • Since potatoes are mostly water, the initial steam process is impressive, but once it dissipates the real action begins. We hand stir every batch for the entire cooking process. This eliminates clumping, helps to cook evenly and produces a chip that is flatter, rather than curled.
  • Once they have reached golden perfection, approximately 6 minutes, the chips are extracted, en mass, and prepared for seasoning.
  • The unique seasonings, developed years earlier at the restaurant, are carefully weighed and gently applied by hand to the batch. The tumbling action helps to distribute the flavor.
  • We meticulously hand sort and weigh every chip to ensure quality and consistency.
  • Our bags provide honest packaging without the addition of nitrogen, that is why they are full of chips!
  • This means that every bag must be opened and filled by hand. We do this nearly 10,000 times daily!!!
  • Each unit is given a straightening up and then it is sealed immediately to maintain freshness and packed for delivery within 48 hours.


All of this dedication can be seen in our product, but most importantly, it can be tasted. Critics, Chefs and customers agree… this is the best potato chip made.

With legendary stubbornness, we have a commitment to craft a hand selected, sliced, seasoned and packaged potato chip of only the highest quality for the uncompromising consumer. It is our pleasure, it is our mission. Enjoy the dedication.

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