The Perfectly polite, boldly flavored, dry rub wing!


2 Gallon Stock Pot

Slotted Metal Spoon or Spider

Baking Sheet

Mixing Bowl


1 lb.

1st & 2nd Joint Chicken Wings

1 Gallon

Canola Oil

To Taste

Billy Goat Kicker Dust


45 Minutes


  • Place Thawed wings in a 2 gallon stock pot and just cover with cold water
  • Using high heat, bring contents to a gentle simmer, reduce heat to med/low and cook for 8/10 minutes
  • Remove wings and place on baking sheet in single layer and let cool
  • Reserve chicken broth for other use
  • Heat 1 gallon canola oil in 2 gallon stock pot to 300 degrees (Med High)
  • Test by placing one wing into the oil (if it bubbles and begins floating, oil is ready)
  • Place wings gently into the heated oil and cook until skin is golden brown (5-6 minutes)
  • Transfer to a large bowl and sprinkle Billy Goat Kicker Dust onto wings, tossing them while doing so to distribute the seasoning